Dr.Nycole P.Lyles-Belton aka “Dr. NYC” is the Founder and CEO of, Greatness In You, Inc. an organization for girls and women based on the belief that all are destined for Greatness in spite of and because of their past. Her unyielding no-nonsense approach to forward living and living a life of resiliency is the result of the challenges she has overcome. These challenges include but are not limited to surviving the loss of children, a traumatic divorce and ultimately surviving a suicide attempt.

Dr. NYC has earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Special Education as well as a Masters and PhD in Leadership in Educational Administration. She is currently continuing her education by pursuing her second PhD, a PhD in Developmental Psychology.Dr. NYC is a Youth Pastor in her home church, New Shiloh Baptist Church located in Atlantic City and has been featured multiple times on The Word Network, TCT, Atlanta Live and Various Television Networks, Radio Shows, Magazines, Blogs and Newspapers. Dr. NYC is a highly sought-after speaker and she empowers the masses across the world by facilitating numerous workshops, conferences and seminars as a Keynote Speaker and Event Host.

Dr. NYC is also a Life Coach and a Mentor. She changes the lives of girls and women daily and is honored to do so. Most recently she developed her very own Consulting Firm for Businesses and Ministries, Consulting with Dr. NYC.She has penned three books, “30 Days to Greatness: An Inspirational Journey to the Greatness In You”, “Losing You Is Not An Option! Get Back Up and Fight!” And “You Survived! Now What?” Currently, she is set to release her fourth book entitled, “Whips, Chains & Handcuffs: The Dangers of Self-Inflicted Pain and Self-Administered Bondage” and her fifth book, “I Forgive Me For Me!”.Dr. Lyles-Belton is also a Podcaster and the Host of her own radio show, “The Dr. NYC Show” on the two-time Stellar Award Winning WEHA Gospel 88.7 FM & 100.3 FM.Dr. NYC’s passion and desire to empower is a known calling on her life, which she honors and upholds with the utmost respect.

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    Awesome Article! Congratulations Dr. NYC – Dr. Nycole P. Lyles-Belton! ??????

    Thank you for featuring me in this phenomenal magazine. I am honored!
    Blessings in abundance to all,
    Dr. NYC

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