Antwon Maxwell’s journey into photography began while traveling throughout Asia on a work assignment. With many passions, Antwon utilized his drive to immerse himself in learning everything he could about photography. Shortly after beginning his photography journey, his skills advanced to the point that seasoned photographers were asking him for advice on lighting and retouching. During his time in South Korea, Antwon further honed his skills in posing, lighting, and retouching from having limited models, makeup artists, and wardrobe availability.

In 2015, Antwon moved back to the United States with a full waiting list of clientele. Since his return, Antwon has shot several celebrities, been featured in several magazines, and has done work for major brands including Victoria’s Secret, L’Oréal, and Black Opal.

Antwon is known for his clean, sophisticated, and luxurious images accompanied by high-end retouching. His work has amassed him huge followings on both Instagram (@antwonmaxwellphotography) and YouTube (Antwon Maxwell Photography). You can check out his work and contact him through his website,
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Rebecca Savory

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