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If you love coffee and Howard then this business is perfect for you.

Mia Kennedy Wallace, Howard Alumna class of ‘06, owns the coffee company Blue Bison Coffee. Affectionately named after her alma mater’s mascot. This Charlotte-based coffee company was started by Wallace in 2020. Wallace created this company with thoughts of introducing a safe way to keep people connected during a global pandemic, a mobile coffee shop is a way for people to maintain socially distanced but still social. Being a mother of 3 she felt the need to make something that is COVID-19 safe and family-friendly.

Her menu offers some fall favorites such as a pumpkin spice latte and caramel apple cider. Another ode to her alma matter would be her ‘Georgia Ave Blend’ a special blend of coffee named after the street near Howard University. This blend is a smooth dark roast with notes of dark chocolate, sure to be the pick-me-up you need.

Now in addition to serving great coffee, Blue Bison Coffee now ships coffee and merchandise across the US!

You can shop for Blue Bison Coffee on their website and follow them on Instagram @bluebisoncoffee!

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