Dr. Tremaine Jones Afetorgbor, Pharm.D.(a.k.a.) Dr. Flava is a nationally sought after Wellness Foodie Pharmacist, a wife, mother of two,  creator and CEO of healthy seasoning line DR Flava Spices, an author, speaker, and proactive wellness advocate expert. Her mission is to help women and men transform the way they think and eat to create a healthier life before the prescription! She is a graduate from, the esteemed HBCU, Xavier University of Louisiana, where she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2004. Having a strong relationship with God, a supportive family, and a commitment to serving mankind. 
Dr.Flava is excited to teach, encourage, and share her expertise that will make an impact on the world.  Recently in April 2020, she released her first book The Pharmacist  Guide: HOW TO HEALTH YOURSELF. “I was led to write this book, after years of witnessing more individuals diagnosed with preventable diseases requiring prescription drugs and also realizing there is no quick fix to health but applying simple life-lasting changes is critical.”   Health YOURSELF simply means you have the power to change your health status; once you have the understanding, the tools, and a plan.  Self-HELP BOOKS are highly sought out,  I address how we can take charge of our own health! Dr. Flava has been featured on several media outlets including nationally syndicated radio and magazines; Get up mornings with Erica Campbell and Griff, The Rashad Richey Show, Mornings with Michael, Rolling Out Magazine ( also contributes health articles), Sheen Magazine, Voyage ATL and more. Dr. Flava brings a fresh, concise, and relatable approach to health that any audience can understand. Follow her @drflavapharmd on all social media platforms

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